Dear Jan:

I loved the Halloween photos – Will looked truly gruesome!  I also enjoyed the description and photos of your farm visit – I am nostalgic for those fall outings with the kids when they were little.  I miss every stage of their growing up, even as I marvel at the process of their unfolding. You say that coat weather has begun there and that seems like an abstract concept here on the equator, where the days are always warm and do not vary in length.

Life here continues to flow along, and is starting to take shape as the weeks pass. My routine includes 3-hour life drawing classes twice a week.  I went to my first-ever life drawing class about 2 months ago, so I am very much a beginner.  But I greatly enjoy the whole experience of drawing a live model. It is always exciting and vibrant, even when the models get sleepy in the afternoon heat.  There are several models (all female) that rotate and I know most of them by now. But not all, as I discovered when I walked into class the other day and found myself facing a handsome Balinese who introduced himself as Agung, translation: Supreme.  And he was supremely fit and muscular, a classic Adonis.  He told me that in addition to modeling for various classes, he does private modeling and personal training. “I can come to your house and model for you, and also give you personal training,” he offered cheerfully. I couldn’t tell if this was all he was proposing, but I was too flustered to ask questions.  He seemed perfectly sincere and innocent, but he sure had all the makings of a gigolo.

Agung (from the back, asleep)

We waited for the other students to arrive, and as no one appeared, I called my teacher and she said she couldn’t come, her son had been in an accident, and the others couldn’t come for various reasons as well.  So, it was just me and Agung. I was in a bit of a panic at this turn of events, having never been alone with a model, let alone a young embodiment of male perfection.  He casually asked if I was ready for him to disrobe and I nervously asked him to please keep his sarong on, I would draw him like that. He seemed slightly miffed that I didn’t want to draw him in his full naked splendor, but he politely obliged. It was challenging to draw this commanding physical specimen, with a shape so different from the soft curves of the female models I was used to.  As he took various poses, he kept suggesting that he remove the sarong and I kept yelping, “NO!”  In the end I had him face away from me so I could draw his ever-so-broad back and he promptly fell asleep for the rest of the class, which suited me just fine.  As I woke him at the end of the class, he smiled sleepily and asked me if he could give me his phone number. I took it speechlessly and fled from the room, laughing and relieved to be released from this awkward situation.  Needless to say, I have endured endless ribbing about Agung since, having made the mistake of telling the story to family and a few friends.

And by the way, I still have his phone number.  Love, Katherine


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2 friends in 2 countries, exploring their lives as artists.
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