Jan and Katherine met over 16 years ago, strolling their first babies in a neighborhood outside Washington D.C. They bonded over the discovery that their babies shared a birthday and the relationship grew from there. It has encompassed the joys and travails of raising their children and has withstood the test of time and distance (Katherine moved to Colorado in 2002, and now lives in Bali, Indonesia; Jan continues to live in Maryland). The friendship has now led them to create this blog as a vehicle for sharing their experiences and their art across the miles. Through word and image, they hope to enrich each other’s lives and those of interested readers.

Katherine Ward grew up as an expatriate kid, living on and off in Asia through her childhood. Part of that time was spent in Jakarta, Indonesia, and now she is back in Indonesia with her husband and two children, embarked upon an adventure of undetermined duration (a year, two? Not sure). Katherine began her career as an attorney, but quickly discovered that her calling was psychotherapy, not law. Earning a degree in clinical social work, she has worked as a therapist since 1992. She is currently taking a break from her practice and exploring a lifelong interest in art. In Bali, she attends life drawing classes, takes lots of photographs and is starting to paint in acrylics.

Jan has lived the majority of her life on the the East Coast outside of Washington, D.C. After working in Graphic Design for fifteen years, she stayed at home full-time with her two young sons for several years before pursuing her life-long dream to be an artist. She works part-time, volunteers and makes art in her studio, primarily mixed-media collage and assemblage.


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  1. Kate Goldizen says:

    I love this! Thank you, Katherine, for sharing this with your family and friends. It is also nice to meet Jan and her family. I look forward to further posts and stories. Love, Kate

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